Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bigger is better

... at least this was the theory taught back in the high school gym changerooms. I entered the universe of EvE online with the same belief.

If a frigate can pvp, just imagine how well a battlecruiser or battleship can pvp. It must be leaps and bounds better! It is generally accepted in the gaming community that bigger is better. I entered solo pirating with the "BFG" of ships somewhere in the distant training horizon.

I now am flying some of those bigger ships. It didn't take long for me to miss the fast and maneuverable ships that I've flown in the past. It is for this reason I will always keep a few rifters and jaguars in my dock and ready to fly.

Don't get me wrong... there is something beautiful about pulling out the hurricane somedays. A little more firepower and tank is all you need sometimes to put that smile on your face.

0.0 is a different ballgame. A game that I'm not very familiar with. When it comes to low-sec piracy, don't count out the little guys. They may be flying those frigs for a reason :)


  1. Depending on how you fit it, the Hurricane is pretty solidly in the middle between nimble frigs and lumbering battleships--and in my opinion, edging closer to nimble. I love my 'canes but assault frigates and force recons are really my favorite ships to fly.

  2. I have yet to even train the BS skill. Sure there are days I dream of raining death upon my enemies from behind the big guns...but when it's time to GTFO, I kiss the console of my frig/cruiser sized ship as I warp away.